Doç.Dr.Tevfik SÖZEN

Chin Surgery

Like the nose and forehead, the chin is one of our organs that define the face most aesthetically. Mentoplasty or chin surgery is a quick and simple surgical procedure that produces incredible aesthetic results. The jawbone is shaped with a small incision made inside the mouth. Jaw aesthetics is a surgical operation applied to enlarge or reduce the jawbone. Chin augmentation surgery can be performed with a chin implant or fat transfer from another part of the body. Generally, chin enlargement surgeries are a stand-alone procedure, but can be performed as a complement to other surgeries. A weaker jaw structure makes the nose look bigger and gives the appearance of a short neckline. Especially for men, a sharp and square jaw structure is ideal. An inwardly recessed chin reduces the masculine appearance expected in men. In women, the chin and jaw line should be balanced and clear, but at the same time softer. By enlarging the jawbone, we aim to balance the overall image of the face and make it proportional. It is also used to emphasize more the results of chin aesthetics, rhinoplasty and face lift surgeries.

The procedure can be performed by moving the jawbone forward, moving the jawbone back, equalizing the asymmetrical jaws or performing horizontal operations such as jaw lengthening and shortening.

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