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Ear Surgery

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to correct the shape and size of the ears. Ear aesthetics can be applied to any ear with problem in shape, but it is mostly applied to prominent ear problems. Although prominent ear may seem a minor problem, it can cause serious self-esteem problems in both children and adults and they may always try to hide their ears. The aim of otoplasty is to make ears with a natural shape, proportion and size.

Otoplasty FAQ

The best candidate for otoplasty is a physically healthy individual with realistic expectations who is looking to minimize the appearance of large, protruding ears. This procedure may be performed on children six years of age or older as well as on adults.

General anesthesia is typically used for young children undergoing otoplasty, while local anesthesia combined with sedation is often used for older children and adults.

Otoplasty usually requires 1 hour to complete.

In the technique we use, the skin is not removed behind the ear in prominent ear surgery. For this reason, loss of sensation and scarring is minimal. Personal differences can be seen in this surgery as in every procedure.

Prominent ear surgeries can be performed using different methods today. The most important differences of these methods from each other are to shape the cartilages by making skin incisions or to shape and weaken the cartilages by using stitches and needles without cutting the skin. Various advantages and disadvantages are seen in the comparison of these two roughly separated methods. Whatever method is used, the purpose here is to create the desired ear shape without harming the patient and to make this shape permanent. We apply two different methods in our clinic depending on the patient’s condition.

Yaşlanma ile birlikte, sadece kulak memesinde değil yüzümüzdeki birçok bölgede sarmalar ve kırışmalar olur. Kulak memesinin yılların etkisiyle hacim kaybetmesi, cildinin esnekliğinin azalması, yerçekimiyle birlikte oluşan sarkmanın nedenidir. Kişiler, kulak memelerine taktıkları ağır küpelerle bu sarkmaya daha da hız kazandırırlar. Kulak memesindeki bu büyüme hangi nedenle olursa olsun, lokal anestezi altında da yapılabilen cerrahi müdahalelerle kalıcı olarak düzeltilebilir.
A small hole can turn into large clefts and / or tears due to wearing heavy earrings for a long time, infections and the tendency of the skin to tear. It is possible to correct such problems with simple surgical interventions. It is possible to create ear holes that look like no holes or even more beautiful.
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