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Face Lift Surgery

The aging of our face is the result of two factors. The facial muscles are affected by gravity and sag over time, and the soft tissues of the face and the volume and thickness of the facial skin decrease over time. As a result, the face ages and starts to look more tired. With the effect of aging, the shape of the face also changes. Face lift surgery is an operation that corrects the effects of aging on the face and provides a remarkable change in your appearance. This surgery corrects the sagging jawline, sagging cheeks and unclear neckline. As a result of the surgery, the patient has a younger and revitalized face and becomes about 10 years younger.

Many methods are used in face lift surgery. In recent years, great advances have been made for this surgery. In the previous periods, surgeons performed this surgery by stretching the face more tightly. This old practice resulted in an unnatural appearance in patients. However, recent developments have prevented unnatural looking surgical results. We now have newer and better techniques to displace deeper tissues and release skin tension on repositioned tissues. Thus, patients get longer and more natural results.

Most patients considering a facelift will ask how long the results will last and whether other people will notice their surgery. The answer to these questions depends on your anatomy, personal wishes, and how much aging your face is. Regardless of your age, you may want facelift surgery to improve your appearance. As a result of the surgery, you will have a younger and healthier appearance. Younger patients have longer lasting results. The incisions are hidden behind the ears and in natural wrinkles.

After facelift surgery, the patient can stay in the hospital or go home depending on the condition. Postoperative pain is not expected, but we still prescribe pain relievers for the comfort of the patient. Between 10 days and 2 weeks, the patient can easily return to his social life. Facelift surgery provides a dramatic change to the patient with an easy operation. Therefore, patients leave very satisfied.

Face Lift Surgery

Good candidates for facelifts include physically healthy men and women who are realistic in their expectations and interested in reducing the appearance of sagging face and neck skin. Patients with well-defined bone structure and skin which still retains some elasticity often receive the best results.

Facelifts generally require several hours to complete, though more extensive procedures may take longer and may even require multiple sessions.

The incisions for a facelift tend to be hidden behind the ears and in the natural creases of the skin, often healing as thin thread-like lines that are well camouflaged.

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